In February


February in the Ruby Valley of southwestern Montana, Healing Waters Lodge is in hibernation and a peaceful place to be. On occasion, we have a moose sighting in the cottonwoods along Wisconsin Creek that borders the property. Wintering birds such as black-capped chickadees, red-breasted nuthatches, pine siskins, magpies, crows, and hawks, navigate the changing seasons here with ease. Owls live in the cottonwoods year-around and hearing them call to one another is such a treat. Eagles are abundant in the valley this time of year, always a magnificent sight to see. Every now and then a big Blue Heron perches high up on a cottonwood branch, perhaps a sunny respite from morning fishing on the Ruby. Calving has begun in earnest and it is so much fun to see the little calves laying in the feed line with their mothers close by.