Float Fishing

Whether you are on our guided trip floating for 60 miles down the Smith River or staying at Healing Waters Lodge and headed out for the day on the Beaverhead, Big Hole, Jefferson, or Madison, float fishing is the name of the game.  Our guides use hard boats and rafts, depending on their preference and what the rivers dictate.  One advantage of float fishing is maximizing coverage of available water and increasing your angling opportunities.  Our experienced guides have it all going on simultaneously: navigating the boat, guiding the anglers, and searching for opportunities down stream.  When float fishing, guides position the boat giving the angler the best possible opportunity at landing a cast in the best possible place.  Float fishing can cover as much river as you want, from put in to take out, a half-day to all day, to a really long day, it is all negotiable and doable.  Walk-wading is always an option during your float trip.  Often times, there are islands, banks and channels to explore, your guide can stop and park and anglers can work a section.