Small Stuff Can Make a Big Difference

Lucy demonstrating to her pal, Rudy, Ninja-like moves in taking down a dangerous vole.

Lucy’s story goes back many, many years ago, when Mike had started preparing equipment and gear for the upcoming Smith River season and found that over the winter, mice had chewed up and destroyed about a thousand dollars worth of therma-rest pads.  After ordering new therma-rest pads, he drove down to the local Humane Society and asked to adopt the cat who had been at the shelter the longest, and that cat was Lucy.  The minute Lucy walked into her new domain, she understood her job and pests were no longer a threat to Smith River gear.  As tough as she wanted you to think she was, she was an affectionate and sweet cat.  Lucy retired when we moved to Healing Waters Lodge and she spent her last years in the comfort of a heated pet bed on the front porch overlooking the Tobacco Root mountains.  Two feral cats adopted us after Lucy retired and they continue to tackle the never ending job of keeping our fishing equipment and gear pest free.