Fly Fishing School – April 22-27, 2018

San Juan Worms

Our fly fishing school is conducted by our guide-instructors and is a sincere attempt to help you improve your angling knowledge, skills and abilities.  The fly fishing school package includes six nights lodging withe meals and five days of classroom instruction and guided fly fishing.

After breakfast, our guide-instructors will conduct a brief class followed by guided fly fishing on local waters such as the Beaverhead, Big Hole, Jefferson, Madison, and Ruby, including some private access.

Our curriculum includes:  The elements of a good fly cast: loop control, loop shapes, grip, power application, back cast stop, fore cast stop, timing of pause, foot stance, pickup, follow through; types of casts: single haul, double haul, reach, off shoulder, roll and roll pickup.  Knots, leaders, lines, reels, rods, indicators, straight-line, swing, tying method .

  • Reading water, dry fly fishing, nymph fishing, streamer fishing, setting proper drag, side to side pressure, landing quickly, run, netting fish, over playing fish, retrieving to boat, working the fly from bank through productive water.
  • Rod tip pressure, how to follow out of a heavy current.
  • Streamer fishing:  Sinking line, floating line, fishing methods while wading, classic down and across, casting streamer upstream and fast retrieve, dead drift with indicator.
  • A brief overview of Entomology and fly selection
  • On the water practical application to what is taught in the classroom, along with gentle coaching from the guide-instructors in technique and skill.

Our fly fishing school package includes single room occupancy and all meals at the lodge.  Each guest room has two queen-sized beds, private bathroom, wi-fi, patios with great views.  All meals are prepared fresh daily by our Chefs and include a hearty breakfast, stream-side lunches, appetizers followed by a fine dinner and dessert.  Beer and wine are complimentary to your meals.  The lodge Fly Shop is equipped with loaner gear for our guests to use: rods, reels, waders, boots, walking sticks, and even rain jackets.

For more information, please contact Mike Geary at 406-459-2030.