Montana Fly Fishing Vacations

Full Service Fly Fishing Trips in Southwest Montana

Healing Waters Lodge located in southwest Montana and our Smith River float trips in central Montana are all about fly fishing for trout.  Healing Waters Lodge is centrally located in Montana’s Ruby Valley to some of the planet’s great trout streams.  We provide a beautiful setting, good food, and comfortable accommodations at a fair price so we can get you casting a fly rod and setting a hook on the rivers and streams that dreams are made.  Our Smith River float trip is five days and four nights down 59 river miles through some of Montana’s most coveted landscapes.

Excellent Montana Fishing Spots

Healing Waters Lodge is located in the Ruby Valley a few miles east of Twin Bridges; this is where rivers will haunt your imagination.  Lewis and Clark Expeditions is permitted for the Big Hole, Beaverhead and Madison River. Outfitting License #1574.

  • Big Hole River: Runs 150 miles supporting Cutthroat, Grayling, Rainbow, and Browns with the entire river echoing “Trout”.
  • Beaverhead River:  Starts below Clark Canyon Reservoir forming a tailwater giving birth to some of the largest brown trout in the state.
  • Madison River:  The Madison is one large continuous jazz riff as it bee-bops over endless riffles creating a river full of action, constant casting along with endless fishing rewards.
  • Jefferson River:  The Jefferson has made a dramatic comeback, becoming an excellent fishery through the hard work and cooperation of Landowners, Trout Unlimited, Water Conservation Districts and Anglers, illustrating what we can accomplish when working together.

Preparing for Your Trip

Gear Suggestions: Please let us know in advance if there is anything that you are going to need to borrow. If you have a lightweight rod such as a 4 or 5, and a medium weight outfit such as a 6 and a heavier outfit such as a 7 or 8 weight, bring all three. You will probably only need the 7 or 8 if you are traveling to Montana in the fall when streamer fishing is a more regular part of our fishing experience.

Flies/Leaders: Flies are provided by Healing Waters Lodge as part of your package. However if you have some favorite patterns that you like to fish please feel free to bring them. We will fish a variety of leader lengths and weights. The guides will provide all the leaders and tippets you need as part of your Healing Waters Lodge fishing package.

Clothing: Weather in Montana is changeable in the early, middle and late seasons. You can start the day in long underwear and end it in short sleeves. Come prepared for any type of weather. We suggest that you layer your clothing. A good set of top and bottom long underwear is advisable in the early and latter part of the season. You may want fleece pants under your waders. A turtleneck with a heavier shirt and then topped off with a fleece pullover works well. A good water/wind proof jacket is recommended both for rain and wind protection. Wet wading is usually possible from about mid June to Mid September but have your waders along just in case. Of course you should have good waders with rubber or felt soled wading shoes or boot foot waders with rubber or felt soles. Again, if you need to borrow waders and boots please notify us of the shoe size and your height, we will set aside a pair that will closely fit you. Some folks like fingerless gloves and some like to have a good set of full-fingered gloves just to put their hands in to warm on colder days. A warm hat plus your normal fishing cap or hat is recommended. Polarized sunglasses are highly recommended.

For more information, please contact Mike Geary at (406) 459-2030.