Healing Waters Lodge Cuisine

Enjoying delicious food is a big part of going on vacation. At Healing Waters Lodge, located in southwestern Montana, we offer our guests a wide variety of gourmet dishes. We promise that you will eat very well during your stay at our Montana fly fishing lodge.

Dining at Healing Waters LodgeDelicious Meals at the Lodge

In the mornings, we’ll provide you with all the fuel you need for your fly fishing trips. When you get back, you’ll have an exquisite gourmet meal waiting for you.

  • Local Ingredients: Montana soil is very fertile, and dozens of tasty ingredients are grown locally. Many of our dishes are prepared with fruits, vegetables, and herbs from our own garden.
  • Flexible Kitchen: A true gourmet kitchen should be ready for anything. We’re happy to accommodate any and all dietary restrictions or preferences.
  • Seasonal Dishes: We alter our menu with the seasons to ensure that the ingredients are as fresh as possible. This also enables returning guests to enjoy delicious new dishes.

Sampler of Dishes Served at Healing Waters Lodge

Our menu varies depending on the season. Below is a sampler of our menu:


  • Toasted walnut and manchego cheese puffs
  • Smoked salmon with wasabi sour cream on cucumber rounds
  • Moroccan-spiced elk meatballs with lemon-curry yogurt dipping sauce
  • Pheasant sausage in Cognac sauce
  • Mushroom tarts with truffle salt, marinated asparagus spears


  • Watermelon soup
  • Locally grown mustard greens with goat cheese-buttermilk dressing
  • Local greens with pecans, dried cranberries, chick peas
  • Locally grown arugula with shaved parmesan cheese
  • Panzanella salad


  • Roast bison tenderloins with Flathead cherry chutney, mashed yams, and lodge-grown Romano beans
  • Seared duck breasts with rhubarb compote, summer squash with basil gratin, lodge-grown haricot verts
  • Grilled local rainbow trout with mango salsa, quinoa with locally grown broccoli, pine nuts and feta cheese
  • Chinois-marinated rack of lamb with mint-cilantro salsa, saffron couscous, garden vegetables
  • Rack of venison with cucumber sauce, roasted yams, garden sugar snap peas


  • Homemade espresso gelato and citrus polenta cake
  • Cuban rum cake
  • Chocolate beet cake with crème anglaise
  • Zucchini olive oil cake with lemon crunch glaze
  • Italian-style cheesecake made with almond crust and homemade ricotta cheese

If you’re hankering to go fly fishing by day and enjoy delicious gourmet meals at night, consider booking a fly fishing trip to Healing Waters Lodge. Please call (406) 684-5960 if you have any more questions about our menu.

We are glad to accommodate any dietary restriction or preference.

Montana Fly Fishing Lodge Cuisine