How to Hold a Fly Fishing Rod

The purpose of fly fishing is to convince an unsuspecting fish that the artificial fly you have cast onto the pond is food and not bait. Doing this successfully requires skill, patience, and the ability to efficiently wield a fly fishing rod in Montana. Here is a brief look at a few different ways that […]

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Comparing Fly Fishing and Spin Fishing

As any avid fisherman will tell you, the sport of fishing comes in several different forms. Bait cast fishing, spin fishing, and fly fishing in Montana are all very different games. The type of fishing you engage in typically has to do with your gear, the area where you go fishing, and the reason you […]

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Getting Started with Fly Fishing

Whether you are a pro at other kinds of fishing and you are looking for diversity or you are a complete beginner who has never touched a fishing rod before, fly fishing in Montana can be a wonderful experience. You can make the most of your fly fishing trips by starting off on the right […]

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A Trip Down the Smith River

Fly fishing in Montana is a wonderful experience in itself, but a fly fishing destination like the Smith River is in a league of its own. You can experience this majestic, trout-filled body of water and the gorgeous sights that surround it by booking a fly fishing trip with Healing Waters Lodge. Watch this video […]

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Guide Spotlight: Bill Kemph

At Healing Waters Lodge we are proud to be staffed with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the fly fishing industry. It is because of these individuals that we are able to consistently put on so many successfulguided fly fishing trips in Montana. Read on as we put the spotlight on fisherman […]

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The Story of Healing Waters Lodge

The Healing Waters Lodge is a popular spot for fishermen to get together for dining and fly fishing in Montana. They offer guided fishing trips on the beautiful Smith river and a cozy lodge between Twin Bridges and Sheridan to stay in overnight, complete with laundry services, exercise equipment, and an outdoor hot tub. Read […]

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Permalink Learn to Fish Like a Guide and Live Like a Client – School April 25-30

“Learn How To Fish Like A Guide Live Like a Client” School – April 25-30 Hemingway thought if he could get one true sentence out the rest would follow. Here is ours, “Fish like a guide but live like a client.” Healing Waters Lodge and Lilly & Kemph Outfitters is open for business and our […]

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Experience Smith River

Whether you are relaxing or fishing, the Smith River is one of the most beautiful and diverse locations in Montana. Anyone from avid fly fishers to nature lovers can find something amazing at this national waterway. Keep reading to learn more about the area and what you can expect from your next trip there: Unspoiled […]

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Don’t Hit Your Rod with Your Fly

Some novice fly-fishers tend to hit the rod with the fly. The proper form helps you get the best cast with your fly-fishing rod. If you notice that you tend to hit the rod on the back cast, it might be because you are not getting enough acceleration. You should try to get smooth acceleration […]

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Reasons to Choose Healing Waters Lodge

When it comes to fly-fishing vacations, no one does it better than Montana’s own Healing Waters Lodge. If you are looking for the perfect way to get away from your daily life, we have the vacation experience for you. Keep reading to find out why you should book your next vacation with us: From river […]

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