The Story of Healing Waters Lodge

The Healing Waters Lodge is a popular spot for fishermen to get together for dining and fly fishing in Montana. They offer guided fishing trips on the beautiful Smith river and a cozy lodge between Twin Bridges and Sheridan to stay in overnight, complete with laundry services, exercise equipment, and an outdoor hot tub. Read on if you are interested in learning the story of Healing Waters Lodge.

1[2]Origins and Name
In 1891, the town of Sheridan, Montana saw the construction of its first hospital. It had rooms for patients, doctors’ living quarters, and surgery space. Although it was originally designed as a hospital, the building served different purposes over the better part of a century, the last of which was a family home. At this point the building had a brick fa├žade, which was removed upon purchase by new owners Jim and Sara Cox. They then used local stone and timber to restore the building over the next two years and ultimately named the home the Healing Waters Estate as a reference to the fact that it was originally a hospital.

Birth of the Fishing Lodge
It was only a few years after restoring the building that Jim and Sara Cox decided to move to South Carolina, leaving the Healing Waters Estate idle and up for sale for seven years. The estate was finally purchased by Greg and Janet Lilly, who did additional remodeling to the home during the early months of 1997. After manipulating the space and creating several guest rooms, the estate was suitable for guests in April of 1997 . Greg and Janet decided to keep the original name, transforming the Healing Waters Estate into the Healing Waters Fly Fishing Lodge. The two then decided to move on after six successful years.

Present Day Healing Waters Lodge
The Sywassink family became the owners of the Healing Waters Lodge in 2002; however, they were another group of owners that moved on after just four years to pursue other interests. The Lilly family then took over the business again until 2013, when current owners Mike and Laura Geary, who also own Lewis and Clark Expeditions, took over.