Happy Holidays and Chakra #5

Fly Fishing, Chakra 5 in Crisis and Happy Holidays

While in yoga at Two Spirits Yoga in Twin Bridges, Montana, our instructor announced a Chakra 5 red alert. My fifth chakra was in crisis. This is the chakra that brings the subtle winds of the body in to the central channel and the clear light of bliss and emptiness. The blocked 5 chakra in trout fishing is called locked jaw where fish refuse to eat regardless of the presentation, the fly and the spiritual entreaties. To a fishing guide/outfitter not catching fish endangers or eliminates the harmony and serenity that fly fishing brings to the soul as well as the wallet.

During the spring of 100 BC, Guru Louie Pathik (specialist in blocked #5 chakras) assisted by letting people know that the 5th chakra was caused by lying either to oneself or others. Guides and outfitters by nature detest being prisoners of the truth. You can’t guide and make a living by telling people that the fishing is lousy or a 14 inch isn’t a 20 inch slab. Blocked chakra’s become an occupational hazard.
Fishing for Trout

Trout are both enigmas and natural deceivers. Perfect fishing weather is a cloudy day, windless and perhaps a slight mist. The clouds provide cover, no wind means insects stay on the water longer and rain traps the bugs on the surface. You can have a field of insects on the water in perfect conditions and not see a trout. Why? Chakra 5 is in lockdown. You need to open the throat Chakra with purple patterns. Purple Chubbies, Purple worms, Purple lighting bugs and Purple hazes do the trick in unlocking the fifth chakra. What are deadly are Purple Chubbies with a Purple lighting bug as a dropper. If the angler can present these with zero drag fish will intercept these flies with a vengeance while traveling on the central channel and the clear light of bliss and emptiness.

The following are snapshots I took while at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan working for the Red Cross during the winters of 2009 and 2010. There are still soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines in Afghanistan as well as other distant and remote military bases this Christmas.

Moon over Bagram Airbase in December 2010

Frosty the Snowman standing guard in the courtyard of Cherry Beasley, Afghanistan. The windows of this building as in all the buildings on Bagram were permanently boarded up. Light equals target.

Frosty the Snowman in Bagram Airbase

C.A.S.F. is Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility in Bagram. The medical people on Bagram never appeared to have a bad day although there were plenty of bad days. They were inspiring 24/7 in their committment, professionalism and care of our military. The gifts they are displaying come through the efforts of Andy Ronald and his friends in Kansas City. They have been contributing and making a difference to soldiers for the last five years.

C.A.S.F staff at Bagram Airbase

This is also the time of year for hope. Hope for a fisherman is just part of our DNA and I believe comes naturally to us. At Healing Waters Lodge our Holiday wishes and Hopes are for “Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All.”

Mike and Laura Geary