From Garden to Table!

RHUBARB! Straight from our lovely garden and into a cake made with polenta and lots of orange zest: YUM-O-LICIOUS! Don’t forget the whipped cream on top. You too can have this delight after a magical day of fishing if you stay at Healing Waters Lodge.

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A Time to Fish and a Time to Remember

A Time to Fish and a Time to Remember There is a time for all things under the sun. There is a time to fish and time to remember. Memorial Day we remember. The Battle of Kamdesh occurred on October 3,2009 in the eastern part of Afghanistan. It is a footnote of a footnote in […]

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Kids Day on the Big Hole

Kids Day on the Big Hole was on May 2nd this year. Mike joins the fun in floating a boat load of elementary kids down a stretch of the river. The event is well organized and included children from all over Montana, who have the chance to learn about water safety, fishing, casting, and aquatic […]

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Spring Planting

Lodge staff preparing the garden for a plethora of vegetables. We are attempting to push the boundaries of the Montana growing season. Experiment for 2015: artichokes

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Attaching a Fly Fishing Rod to a Reel

Before you pack up all your brand new fly fishing equipment and head out to a fishing lodge in Montana, you should learn how the equipment works. By working with your rod and reel, and practicing walking around in your waders, you’ll be able to enjoy any guided fishing trips you go on even more. […]

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Spring Fishing

Spring fishing: the mayflies, caddis, and stoneflies are here. Few people, lots of fish and bugs. Dramatic weather, amazing hatches, and time to ponder life’s mysteries. Or not. Just go fishing!

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Top Reasons to Plan a Winter Fly Fishing Trip to Montana

Montana is one of the top fly fishing destinations in the summer, but there are many great reasons to book a stay at a fly fishing lodge in Montana in the winter. Skiing and other winter mountain sports can be fun, but resorts are always crowded during the winter, and lift tickets are expensive. Winter […]

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Getting to Know the Madison River

Madison River fly fishing is some of the best in Montana. After flowing in from Wyoming, the Madison River joins with the Jefferson and Gallatin Rivers near Three Forks before flowing into the Missouri. Meriwether Lewis gave the river its current name in 1805. Many veteran anglers make fly fishing trips to the Madison River […]

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