Choosing Fly Fishing Waders

No matter which of the many fly fishing destinations in Montana you choose for your next fly fishing vacation, you can expect to step out into the rivers. To make sure that you don’t catch a chill or get your legs uncomfortably wet on your fly fishing trip, you need a good pair of waders. […]

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ORVIS Website: Learn to Fly Fish

ORVIS has a great place on their website: Check it out!

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Pond side in the afternoon

Lovely June day at Healing Waters Lodge. Thought it would be nice to take a few moments on the porch of the dining hall and enjoy the sounds of the birds and the hum of the bees, and the sweet smells of the flowers and the trees. Doesn’t get much better than this!

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Exploring the Top Reasons to Book a Private Water Fishing Trip

During high seasons, it can be difficult to find a secluded spot for fly fishing. Word can travel quickly in fly fishing circles, and before you know it a once-remote bend in the river can become crowded. If you value the tranquility of fly fishing in a relatively remote location, you should consider private water […]

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Spotlight on the Delicious Cuisine at Healing Waters Lodge

A fly fishing vacation does not have to be a camping trip. When you stay at a fly fishing lodge in Montana such as Healing Waters Lodge, you can come in from a day out on the rivers and relax in simple yet luxurious comfort. Put away your fly fishing equipment, change into comfortable clothes, […]

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Dillon Airport Metal Works Gallery While waiting for Healing Waters Lodge guests to arrive at the Dillon Airport, I toured the metalworks art gallery on the airport grounds and wall hangings. Very impressive!

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Essential Tips for Float-Fishing

Although many of the guests you’ll meet at a fishing lodge in Montana have come on a fly fishing trip, the rivers in the Treasure State are also wonderful for other types of angling. Float-fishing is a method particularly suited to new fisherman, since its techniques are not as difficult to master as those of […]

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Beautiful Day at the Lodge

The flower gardens are blooming; the berries, vegetables, and herbs are growing and Healing Waters Lodge is appropriately dressed for summer.

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